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Take control of your construction bid data

Bid Levelling and Bid Management made easy

Transforming the Way You Work

Don't second-guess your cost estimates. Understand your costs and choose the right suppliers for your construction projects with Cubit Select.


Bid Management Features

A logical workflow from Takeoff to Bid

  • Compare supplier and subcontractor quotes side-by-side with your estimate.
  • Apply selected quotes from your suppliers directly into your estimate in Cubit Estimating, for ultimate accuracy.
  • Select and apply costs from one or multiple suppliers and subcontractors for your project.

Specialized insights to inform your decision making

  • Detailed, itemized comparisons and multiple view options for ultimate control over your cost data.
  • Use built-in interpretive tools to help you understand your opportunities and risks in detail, and respond to them.
  • Generate detailed reports in a variety of formats to present and review your information with your colleages.

Manage your supplier quotes with ease

  • Collate and store quotes from suppliers and subcontractors in one centralized system. 
  • Evaluate and select which subcontractors are suppliers to invite to bid on your projects, and share the most up-to-date job information with them.


  • Your estimate is uniquely presented side-by-side with your takeoff in a single view.
  • Quantities are seamlessly applied to your estimate in real-time.
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Companies Using MiTek® Software
"It allows me to estimate multiple items in a single takeoff. My previous estimation software didn't allow me to do many of the functions I can run in Cubit Estimating"
Ron Richardson
BJ Construction

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Experience smarter, faster, and more accurate estimating today.