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Powerful BIM-Based Estimating

Engage with your data like never before, for your most accurate estimates yet

Transforming the Way You Work

Don't limit the work you can bid for. BIM-Based Estimating opens a world of new opportunities. Accelerate the success of your construction projects and make your work easier with Cubit Estimating. 


BIM Estimating Features

Work with more detailed and complex projects from IFC files

  • Calculate complicated volumes automatically from the geometry of your model.
  • Automatic calculations that eliminate time wasted on performing manual calculations.
  • Import and work with BIM models from IFC files - the open international standard for BIM data that is exchanged and shared among software applications.

A framework to view, track, and manage changes

  • Dedicated BIM Inspection Tools to see what's changed, where it's changed, and how it affects your estimate; as well as a way to manage pending and accepted changes.
  • Allows you to rapidly handle change with confidence and control, in an effective way.
  • Keep track of changes and understand what stage your job is at within your overall process.

Detailed 3D Visualization

  • Zoom in, rotate, hide, and view objects throughout your model for the most details, focused, and unique view of your plans you've ever had. 
  • Save specific views of your model  in customized states to easily reference or return to estimating. 
  • Enhance your confidence and deliver accurate and precise estimates.

Interactive Quantity Takeoff

  • Your model is displayed side-by-side with your estimate in our unique Natural Estimating process.
  • Simply drag-and-drop shapes from your model directly into your estimate.
Companies Using MiTek® Software
"Before using Cubit Estimating the time it took to price up jobs and do takeoffs accurately and quickly was a big challenge.
Now, the ease and speed of quoting as well as the accuracy of estimates has increased. It’s a major difference from the old way of completing takeoffs".
Jason Fox
Companies Using MiTek® Software
"It allows me to estimate multiple items in a single takeoff. My previous estimation software didn't allow me to do many of the functions I can run in Cubit Estimating"
Ron Richardson
BJ Construction
Companies Using MiTek® Software
"Since investing in Cubit Estimating for our projects we have noticed an increase in projects that we are winning and a decrease in errors, such as having the incorrect quantity of material delivered to site".
Ornamental Contracting

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Experience smarter, faster, and more accurate estimating today.