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Faster, Smarter, and more Accurate Estimating

Cut your estimating time in half

Estimating Computer

Natural Estimating

Perform your estimating and takeoff in one seamless process.

When you perform your takeoff you’ll see your estimate update in real-time all on one screen, meaning you’ll never lose sight of the estimating process.

Intelligent Takeoff Tools

Perform your quantity takeoff with pinpoint accuracy.

Trace over your plans directly in your estimate with ease including curves and complex shapes. Speed up the process by taking off multiple items at the same time, or use our Auto Select tool to takeoff spaces in as little as a single click.

BIM-Based Estimating

Import an IFC file and interact with your BIM model directly inside your estimate.

Takeoff from your BIM model by extracting quantities from existing shapes within a model, or map new items to build up your estimate with speed and accuracy. Calculate complicated volumes automatically, and increase your confidence and ability to bid for a wider range of jobs.

Job Revisions

No more second-guessing changes.

Save countless hours estimating by keeping track of changes across your job in a logical workflow, whether they are from changes to your plans, updates to your estimate, or changed elements in your BIM file. Update your takeoff to reflect any revisions to instantly update your estimate.

Get Started With a Free Trial

Experience the benefits of Cubit Estimating for yourself with a free trial, including all the features to help you maximize your success.

3D Visualization

View your takeoff in 3D for greater context.

At the click of a button check your takeoff in 3D to ensure your haven’t missed any items, with a view from any angle. Or display your fully-interactive BIM model with direct access within your estimate. Edit your takeoff directly in 3D for more control and accuracy than ever before.

Price Lists + Templates

Minimize re-work by using template Price Lists and Jobs as the source for new estimates.

Develop master price lists using the pricing information you’ve collected over time, or import pricing from your suppliers. Create template jobs with common trades and items so you don’t repeat the process every time you start a new job.

Job Analysis

Group similar information together to increase visibility over jobs.

Code and sort your estimates into different formats, allowing you to break your job down by accounting code, material, or labor. Export this information to other packages so you can you use your information across other business systems.


Professional reports for you and your clients.

Generate and print a range of standard professional reports in common formats, including PDF and Excel. Customize your reports to hide or show information as needed, and to remain consistent with your company branding.

Companies Using MiTek Software

“Using Cubit Estimating we have managed to shave our estimating time to half the original time.”
Trent Lott
Cretin Townsend Homes

Companies Using MiTek Software

“Since investing in Cubit Estimating for our estimating projects, we have noticed an increase in projects that we are winning and a decrease in errors, such as incorrect quantities of materials delivered to site. This in the long run is saving us time and money.”
Ornamental Contracting

Companies Using MiTek Software

“Put simply, Cubit Estimating is robust and bullet-proof. I would highly recommend it to others in the construction industry.”
Ross Brown
Abel & Brown Pty Ltd
  • Cretin Townsend
  • Fkg Group
  • Tectonica
  • Alder
  • North building with trust
  • Lanskey
Implementation & Training

MiTek offers you professional training and support to help maximize your success. From trialing the software and understanding how it works for your workflows, to implementing it into your company, we're here to help every step of the way. That's our commitment to you.

Cubit Estimating

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a free trial?

You certainly can. MiTek offers a no-obligation 14 Day FREE Trial of Cubit Estimating. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact Us page to organize your free trial today.

Can I have a demonstration of your solutions?

Absolutely. We recommend having a personalized demonstration before commencing your free trial, so we can walk you through the software and discuss how it can help you achieve your estimating goals in your unique situation. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

What is the minimum term for a Cubit Estimating subscription?

A Cubit Estimating subscription has a minimum 12-month term. Longer terms are available in consultation with us.

How easy is the installation process? Can you help me?

The installation process is relatively easy, and we've outlined the process in our Installation Guide you receive when you trial or subscribe to Cubit Estimating.

If you need assistance, please get in touch with our Support Team.

Does Cubit Estimating run on a Mac?

Yes, you can run Cubit Estimating on a Mac. However, it is important to note that Cubit Estimating is Windows-based software, so you’ll need to run Windows on a Mac by either booting to Windows using Apple’s Boot Camp or running in a virtual machine using Parallels.

Get Started With a Free Trial

Make the move to Natural Estimating today. Request a personalised demonstration and start a free trial to experience the power of Cubit Estimating for yourself.