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Automate your Bid Management Workflow

Increase your efficiency and crush your deadlines


Enhanced Quote Management

Store and collate all of your quotes from subcontractors in one centralized system.

Stay on top of your project information and access the data you need quickly and easily with all of your quotes available to view and compare at the click of a button.

Data Analysis

Specialized insights to inform your decision-making.

Compare your quotes side-by-side with your estimate to understand where cost-saving opportunities lay, and use in-built interpretive tools to give you valuable insights into where you can maximize your profitability.

Professional and Customizable Reporting

Group similar information together to increase visibility over jobs.

Share and present your information in unique ways using customizable reports available in a range of different formats, including PDF and Excel.

Get Started With a Free Trial

Experience the benefits of Cubit Select for yourself with a free trial, including all the features to help you maximize your success.

Supplier Invitations and Document Management

Simplify the process of storing and sharing job information with your suppliers.

Evaluate and select which subcontractors and suppliers to invite to bid on your projects, and share the most up to date job information with them.

Seamless Integration with Cubit Estimating

Streamline your bid application workflows with direct integration into Cubit Estimating.

Apply your selected quotes to your estimate for a unified workflow and superior cost accuracy.


Multi-User Collaboration

Get the job done faster with multiple team members collaborating on a project simultaneously.

Enhance your efficiency with multiple people contributing to a project, so you need never miss another tender deadline.

Work Anywhere, Anytime, on the Cloud

Have the flexibility to work how, when, and where you want to.

Automatic product updates and backup processes take the hassle out of maintaining your software, so you can focus on getting the job done, no matter where you are.

Companies Using MiTek Software

“Cubit Select is a great leap forward and is easy to navigate. The integration of Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select is an easy and quick process. It's easy to follow, understand, and review your information. "
Chris Burgess
North Construction and Building

Companies Using MiTek Software

“Cubit Select is useful and straightforward. It is pictorially simplistic yet shows all the crucial data. Multiple options make reviewing at a high level or drilling into detail incredibly simple.
Using Cubit Select and Cubit Estimating will become our standard method for reviewing estimates".
Lee Lambert
Alder Constructions
  • Cretin Townsend
  • Fkg Group
  • Tectonica
  • Alder
  • North building with trust
  • Lanskey
Implementation and Training

MiTek offers you professional training and support to help maximize your success. From trialing the software and understanding how it works for your workflows, to implementing it into your company we're here to help every step of the way. That's our commitment to you.

Cubit Select

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a free trial?

Yes, you certainly can. MiTek offers a no-obligation 14 day free trial of Cubit Select. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact Us page to request your free trial today. 

Are there any prerequisites to using Cubit Select?

Yes. Cubit Select integrates with Cubit Estimating, our takeoff and estimating solution.

To use Cubit Select, you’ll need to be successfully using Cubit Estimating. 

We also recommend using Google Chrome as your Internet browser for optimal use.

If you're interested in Cubit Select but are not currently successfully working with Cubit Estimating, we can work with you to get you set up and trained with the knowledge and skills you'll need.

Do I need an internet connection to use Cubit Select?

Yes. Cubit Select is an online solution hosted on the cloud. You’ll need an internet connection in order to log in and use Cubit Select.

Do I need to install Cubit Select?

No. One of the benefits of Cubit Select being an online solution is that you won’t need to install it onto your computer. You also won’t ever need to install updates; we update Cubit Select behind the scenes, so you’ll always enjoy the most up to date version of the software.

How does a subscription to Cubit Select work?

Access to Cubit Select is on a subscription basis, billed monthly or annually on a minimum 12-month contract. 

For more information on subscribing and pricing, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

Is there a minimum contract term for a Cubit Select subscription?

Yes. A Cubit Select subscription has a minimum 12-month term. Longer terms are available through consultation with us.

Get Started With a Free Trial

Increase your efficiency today. Request a personalised demonstration and start a free trial to experience the advantages of Cubit Select for yourself.