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Pinpoint Accurate Takeoff

Experience one of the industry's most powerful takeoff tools. 

Transforming the Way You Work

Manual takeoff is a thing of the past. Accelerate the success of your construction projects and make your work easier with Cubit Estimating.


Takeoff Features

Perform your work faster than ever before

  • Trace directly over imported plans displayed side-by-side with your estimate, using our unique Natural Estimating process. 
  • Takeoff multiple items from different trades simultaneously.
  • Use our Auto Select tool to takeoff areas in as little as a single click. 

3D Visualization

  • See elements of your takeoff in fully-interactive 3D, and view your takeoff from any angle.
  • Cross check your takeoff with 3D visualization to eliminate any errors or missed items.
  • Edit your takeoff in 3D - giving you more control and accuracy than ever before.

Enhanced accuracy and precision

  • Zoom in, rotate, and view your plan from any angle to perform your takeoff.
  • Trace over curves and complex shapes with ease.

Job Flexibility

  • Have the flexibility to work on a variety of different jobs for a wider range of clients.
  • Work from PDF, CAD (DWG, DXF), Image, and IFC files.
  • Fully interactive BIM models allow you to takeoff quantities easily.
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Companies Using MiTek® Software
"Before using Cubit Estimating the time it took to price up jobs and do takeoffs accurately and quickly was a big challenge.
Now, the ease and speed of quoting as well as the accuracy of estimates has increased. It’s a major difference from the old way of completing takeoffs".
Jason Fox
Companies Using MiTek® Software
"It allows me to estimate multiple items in a single takeoff. My previous estimation software didn't allow me to do many of the functions I can run in Cubit Estimating"
Ron Richardson
BJ Construction

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Experience smarter, faster, and more accurate estimating today.